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RainThatFallsAtNight Sybol (updated) :iconrainthatfallsatnight:RainThatFallsAtNight 1 0 Young Elfangor :iconrainthatfallsatnight:RainThatFallsAtNight 0 4 RainThatFallsAtNight :iconrainthatfallsatnight:RainThatFallsAtNight 0 2 Why is Belle one of the best Disney Princesses? :iconrainthatfallsatnight:RainThatFallsAtNight 3 8 Terra- For AnaShadowWolf- Happy Birthday! :iconrainthatfallsatnight:RainThatFallsAtNight 0 2 Frodo Baggins- Despair :iconrainthatfallsatnight:RainThatFallsAtNight 2 8 Kala dresses up :iconrainthatfallsatnight:RainThatFallsAtNight 0 3 Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come :iconrainthatfallsatnight:RainThatFallsAtNight 0 1 Philippa Took- Pippa :iconrainthatfallsatnight:RainThatFallsAtNight 0 0 J.R.R. TOLKIEN :iconrainthatfallsatnight:RainThatFallsAtNight 0 1
Tears Shed For Others
I see you, I see your mind, I see that you try to hide,
Your pain is terrible, yet you try not to cry, 
Why is it that next you I feel like a child, Like an infant in need of her mother's warmth,
Why must you walk alone, why must you lay bleeding alone,
You do not deserve this, this pain rafing beneath your eyes,
Why don't you cry, why won't you cry,
You cry for others, but not for you,
Your tears poor for me, for Jake, for Marco,
Your tears are wasted, you need not cry for me,
Why do you shed tears for others,
Your mother, your brothers,
But not for you,
Why won't you cry a tear for your soul?
:iconrainthatfallsatnight:RainThatFallsAtNight 1 4
Elfangor's Chance Ch.3
We all barely slept that night... atleast I didn't.
Not long after our introductions, Kala dropped us all off at our houses. Saying that she'll meet up with us the next day. How I wasn't sure about.
"Jake? Are you up yet, sweety?"
I groaned and hid my head under the covers. Now I was tired enough to actually sleep.
"Jake. You're friends Tobias and Kala are here."
Tobias and....? I jerked up in bed.
"I'm coming!"
I swiftly got dressed and ready for the day... or as ready for the day I could get without a bathroom. Darn it! Why can't I have a bathroom interlinking to my room!
I opened the door to Tobias and Kala. The latter was talking and laughing with my mom. She then noticed me.
"Hey Jake."
"Hey." I looked between her and my mom. "What are you talking about?"
Kala shrugged. "Girl things."
I frowned. Ok, that alien is good at being human... And a girl at this rate.
Kala blinked at me. "So can we come in?" Nudging her head towards my room.
I started. "Huh? Oh.
:iconrainthatfallsatnight:RainThatFallsAtNight 0 0
Elfangor's Chance Ch.2
My name is Marco. And can I say a lot of stuff has happened to me tonight.
First: A space ship landed right in front of me.
Second: An alien came out and gave us the power to morph.
Third: The alien, an Andalite, nearly died right in front of us.
Fourth:The Andalite was saved, by another Andalite, a female Andalite. Who, if I can add, has sweet driving skill in her car/ship.
Yeah can you just sense the craziness in the air around me?
I sat in the back closer to Jake. Closer to the Andalite. Or as the other Andalite called him; Prince Elfangor.
Who had become one of the normal things in my life now... Or as close as I could get to normal.
A thought occured to me as I watched the female Andalite w-ork her way across the night-sky.
she swiveled one stalk eye towards me. <Yes?>
I met her purple stalk eye... Or tried to.
:iconrainthatfallsatnight:RainThatFallsAtNight 0 0
Elfangor's Chance Ch. 1
My name is Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul. I am an Andalite prince and I'm about to die.
Visser Three the abomination that I helped create. is about to kill me. And from the form he has chosen for the occasion it will not be a light death either. The children that I have trusted with the morphing capability are hiding. I can almost sense their fear. And for that I cannot blame them.
I felt a wave of despair come over me as the Visser's claws surround me.
Thwap! Thwap!
My tail blade struck. Although I knew it would do me no good. The wound in my side ached.
"Why you!"
In panic I turned one stalk eye and froze. One of the children was trying to crawl over the wall they hid behind. The other children were in a panic trying to keep him down, but he persisted. I noticed that he held a broken peace of pipe in one hand.
<NO!> I yelled.
All the other children consoled him. He eventually relaxed but I could still sense his rage... And his fe
:iconrainthatfallsatnight:RainThatFallsAtNight 0 0
Anikala-Astrail-Farion :iconrainthatfallsatnight:RainThatFallsAtNight 0 1 Animorphs Meme :iconrainthatfallsatnight:RainThatFallsAtNight 0 1


Heathers - Cast :iconelemental-fa:Elemental-FA 2,757 117
Mature content
Rearrival Chap. IIX :icontddthedeviant:TDDtheDeviant 1 5
Mature content
Mischief :icondragonsecho:DragonsEcho 3 3
Torturous AIs and Nightmares
Wash jolted awake and quickly sat up with a gasp. His bangs were slick from sweat and his muscles shook from the nightmare. Or was it a memory? He didn't know anymore. He looked to the left then to the right and let out a sigh as he saw Caboose and Tucker fast asleep on both sides of him. They hadn't even stirred from his awakening and looked quite peaceful as they snuggled up under their blankets.
Wash sighed, sitting on the edge of his bed as he ran a hand through his sweat covered hair. He stared at the floor a moment before pulling on his combat boots and walking down the ramp to the door. He needed to clear his head and he couldn't do it at the base. The moon was high in the sky and the stars twinkled in the darkness of the chilly night. Wash shivered a bit and rubbed his arms, cursing himself for not bringing his jacket with him. Wash sighed. The nightmares were coming back to haunt him, only now instead of seeing the Freelancers tortured it was the Sim. Troopers.
Wash stopped as
:iconpetchricor:Petchricor 5 0
Mature content
Burdens - Ch. 1 Implantation :icondragonsecho:DragonsEcho 5 0
Prolonging the Nightmare
Washington led Carolina to the exact spot where they had found CT buried in the sand. This was the only time he wished the Meta was still here. He didn’t want to have to do the digging, but, he knew there was no way Carolina would volunteer to do it. She probably wouldn’t even help.
You’d think that after being a Recovery agent he would get used to the sight of dead bodies. But this was different. He was disturbing her grave. It felt…wrong. She was at peace now. No matter how much Wash wanted to hate her, he never could. He understood the fear that she felt constantly. Her urge to escape. He was simply glad that, no matter how abrupt and terrible of an end it was for her, it was over. Connie, or, CT wouldn’t have to be afraid any more.
Carolina’s ever present gaze was bearing down on Wash harder than the desert sun as he kept digging but found nothing. He broadened his search area. Perhaps the sands shifted. Perhaps the wind buried her remains
:iconcixalea:Cixalea 12 6
Mature content
Memory Wash: One :icondeathangel21:deathangel21 16 2
Cherik - Mob Boss And His Boy :icongarnetquyendinh:GarnetQuyenDinh 612 44 XMFC-Life of Charles :icongarnetquyendinh:GarnetQuyenDinh 1,050 89 literally :iconeve-the-strange:eve-the-strange 240 91 Take My Heart, Valentine :iconthedarklordkeisha:thedarklordkeisha 488 86
A Poleepkwa's Mate
Summary: This is the story of how Wikus and Christopher came to be together.
Rating: So far G may become PG-13 to R Later
Pairing(s): Christopher/Wikus
Feedback: I would love people to tell me how I am doing and how much they like my story.
Author's notes: This is my first District 9 story; I hope that more people will decide to write District 9 fan fiction. I can say that my most favorite pairing is Wikus and Christopher. Bottom Wikus is love LOL
I may end up changing the plot of the movie a bit to fit my idea, but hopefully not by much. Itwould also be nice to get some reviews to tell me how I did, but I won't force you. LOL
Actually now that I think about it I will challenge anyone who wants to, to write a District 9 Christopher/Wikus, fan fiction. (Bottom Wikus) If you do accept my Challenge tell me in a review.
Much love Blacksatomi
A Poleepkwa's Mate:
Christopher never really knew how it happened, why it happened. It was just on
:iconblacksatomi21:blacksatomi21 18 6
Ben 10 Hoodies :icontophphan:tophphan 382 73 FNAF Sister Location - Let the Show Begin! :iconmattartist25:Mattartist25 415 100 FNaF: Can I Keep Him? :iconladyarcane:LadyArcane 517 45 Trapped Memories Flashback 4 :icontonycrynight:TonyCrynight 336 14



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Hey I'm online.... Woohoo...

I feel like I dropped off the face of the Earth for a little while but I'm still here.

Honestly I've been pretty depressed lately, my health has been going up and down, and I've just sort of lost my drive for a while. But I decided maybe I should show that I'm still here. Even though I don't know how long this will last.

Writing wise... I haven't even thought about my Animorphs fanfiction for a while. I've been focusing on my personal works. Actually when I compared my fanfiction to my personal works I realized something... they are night and day compared to one another. I think that could be because when I'm writing personal works I'm writing for me, MY characters, the way I view them. I don't have to worry about shaking things up too badly with other peoples view.

Honestly I think I'm going to still focus more on them but I swear I will try to pick up my fanfiction sometimes. When I get more of a drive for them.

Anyway just letting the internet know I'm alive. (I doubt it matters to anyone that much but... whatevs.)

Mood: Apathetic
Watching: PewDiePie
Reading: Fanfiction
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Walt Disney


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